The Art and Science of Delegation

It is crucial to learn the importance of delegation. Why? It is because, with delegation, you will be able to avoid burning out your team, prevent decision fatigue and gain more time for yourself to recharge and renew.

If you tend to give tasks to the same people, this could result in burnout and they may want to quit their jobs. Prevent this from happening by learning how to delegate assignments to the right people. This can help minimize turnover rate and is a big step towards the success of the company.

Decision fatigue is an event where you become a reactive thinker rather than a proactive and is experienced whenever your decision-making powers are overworked. To avoid this, delegate tasks to your people. It relieves you, as their leader, unnecessary stress and empowers your people in the workplace.

Understanding the importance of delegation can not only be beneficial to you as a business owner but also as a person. Delegating means wisely assigning tasks to the right people so you can have time to do your job and do it well. This can result to have more time for yourself so you can rest and relax and have the energy to jump back to work and face the obstacles ahead.

These are just some of the benefits of delegating tasks. Learn more about the art and science of delegation in this infographic from Scaletime.

the art and science of delegation

Source: Infographic: The Art & Science of Delegation

Nathan S. Gibson is an independent worker compliance business partner who provides expertise and creative solutions to enhance workforce flexibility and maintain compliance with worker classification requirements. He helps mitigate the risks associated with the misclassification of self-employed consultants, freelancers and independent contractors.

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