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20 Free Small Business Tools To Succeed in 2024

I am always looking for tools that improve one’s productivity and Calify Capital prepared this infographic with…

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The Legacy of Yves Klein’s Iconic Shade of Blue

While this infographic isn’t directly related to conducting a job search, it does have great advice for…

How to Build a Great Personal Reputation
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How to Build a Great Reputation

Having a great reputation helps in many ways during a job search.  Frank Sonnenberg, at Frank Sonnenberg Online,…

28 Boring Words and What to Use Instead
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28 Boring Words and What to Use Instead

Too often I find myself using the same words over and over and over again, especially on…

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31 Techniques for Creative 2-Letter Logos

Sometimes it helps to have a personal logo that distinguishes you from other applicants.  Fortunately, Company Folders…

8 things that can hurt your brand
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8 Things That Can Hurt Your Brand

Building your personal brand is important and it takes hard work to develop a strong personal brand….

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Creating your Profile Photo: It’s All About Putting Your Best Face Forward!

Anshuman Kukretim sent me the following great infographic on creating a  profile photo.  

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What Does Your Brand Stand For?

Creating your personal brand can be challenging.  It requires you to think about who you are.  The…

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How To Build Your Brand Online

This infographic provides recommendations on how to build a brand online for a small business, although the…

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The A to Z Guide to Personal Branding Using

GooglePlus may have its advocates and detractors, but job seekers should ignore at their own peril.  The…

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Personal branding working plan

To develop a personal brand, you need a plan.  The following infographic provides a working plan for…

Build Your Brand -- In 9 Minutes a Day!
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Build Your Brand — In 9 Minutes A Day

Building a personal brand takes time and energy, both of which are in short supply.  But the…