What Anyone Wishes to Learn Before A Job Interview

Hannah Morgan from Career Sherpa provides excellent job search advice and recently shared this infographic on What Anyone Wishes to Learn Before a Job Interview

What Anyone Wishes to Learn Before Job Interveiw

This was initially shared on the YouTern at Finally, a Job Interview Cheat Sheet



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1 thought on “What Anyone Wishes to Learn Before A Job Interview

  1. What an awesome cheat sheet. I think I’ll save this.
    I recently noticed that I used to fidget a lot during interviews. I tend to do this when I am in stressful situations. I am not the kind of person to go into a job interview and keep my cool when the interviewers are throwing question after question after question at me. I had several interviews in my life throughout the years and it was tough, but the more interviews I went through, the “better” I got. I found that the thing that helped me the most with my nervousness was preparing some “practice interviews” with a friend in advance. I let him read some questions out of this job interview guide (it’s really good. you can find it here: and I had to answer as if I really wanted to have the job. The more we practiced, the more I felt prepared and the better I ultimately did in the following interviews.

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