They Started at the Bottom of the Corporate Ladder. Now They’re Millionaires.

Many people get their start in business because they know someone—say, a family friend or even a fellow employee at the company. Still others are able to build on success in a business because a company, product, or service is handed down to them—making them the next generation in leadership.

But what about those people that don’t have any particular “ins” for a business—even those who don’t have any skills of note when they start working? They might have imagination and drive, a willingness to learn and an openness to new experiences. What about them—and their success stories?

Take John Paul DeJoria. He was literally driving from place to place, selling his hair products—and other things such as Christmas cards. Slowly, bit by bit, he built John Paul Mitchell, one of the most well-recognized brands in hair care.

Want to find more inspiration? This graphic can help.

Source:  They Started at the Bottom of the Corporate Ladder. Now They’re Millionaires.

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