Job Search Tips for New Graduates

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If you are a new college graduate and are looking for a new job, you may already feel the pressure to find something right away. You probably have expenses, like student loans or rent, as well as career and personal goals that first require that entry-level position. The bad news is that, according to a report, only five percent of jobs posted are geared specifically towards college graduates. The good news, though, is that employers will hire nearly 10% more college graduates in 2015 than in 2014, so there are jobs out there.

How can you find that entry level job? Nathan S. Gibson, an expert in worker classification requirements, has collected some advice from a range of blog posts and articles written on the subject. Here are several important tips to consider:

Treat the Job Search Process Like a Job In and of Itself

In a blog post, Emily Bennington, co-author of Effective Immediately: How to Fit In, Stand Out, and Move Up at Your First Real Job, said that new college graduates must not remain passive in their job search. A job offer is not something that will knock on your door. You need to go out and search for it. Bennington recommends targeting several companies and finding a way to get noticed at each through networking and other means.

Know the Dos and Don’ts of Social Media

Your social media activity can help you earn a job offer or completely destroy your chances. It all depends on how you utilize your social media accounts. Susan Vitale, CMO of the applicant-tracking system firm iCims, was interviewed by Business News Daily and specified that it was very important for college graduates to have an online presence, so they are easily searchable. However, being searchable is only good if your digital presence is positive. Be sure to get rid of any damaging tweets, photos, or other content that could affect your employment prospects.

Do Your Homework, Be Professional, and Always Stay Positive

Jason Alderman, Vice-President of Visa Inc., wrote a blog post in the Huffington Post on some principles he learned as a new college graduate job seeker in the 1990s. He emphasized that job seekers should do as much research as possible to decide whether or not a company would be a good fit. If you do get an interview, be sure to dress professionally and treat the interviewer with the utmost respect. Finally, you shouldn’t be afraid to take a lower-paying job to start out. First off, it’s much easier to find a job when you already have a job, and you may be able to learn new skills that make you even more marketable.

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