5 Ways for Teachers to Earn Extra Income

It’s no secret most education institutions and employees are underpaid. News headlines that read “teachers on strike” flood the Internet as teachers continue to fight for pay raises. Some teachers commonly search for part-time employment to gain extra income during summers, while other educators utilize the Internet and social media networks to make millions. Yes you read that right, millions.

How are teachers becoming millionaires? Credit.com lists five different ways teachers are earning extra income. These include selling lesson plans, freelance and e-book writing, teaching overseas, and starting up a tutoring business. A combination of these five strategies led to the million dollar success of Hadar Hartstein. By selling flashcards and lesson plans online, Hartstein increased her earnings by more than a million dollars.

Furthermore, this guide gives you step-by-step process on how to obtain extra income through a clean and easy to read infographic. For example, it highlights various online teaching programs (e.g. VIPKid and Landi) and the pay rate associated with each program. Some programs offer twenty dollars an hour or more! Another infographic connects you to platforms that help you sell your products (e.g. Teachers Pay Teachers). A great aspect of these platforms is that some have no membership fees or minimum payment. This makes these opportunities highly cost-effective.

Whether you are a public or private school teacher. Utilizing these five different ways to earn extra income can help beyond a summer part-time job. Who knows! Maybe you’ll become the next million dollar teacher like Hadar Hartstein.

Source: A Teacher’s Guide to Financial Success: How to Supplement Your Salary

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