18% of Job Hunters Hunt for Jobs from a Restroom and 29 Other Remarkable Job Hunting Facts

Today we are lucky to have a guest post from Ilsa, a Mom and Entrepreneur who runs a small educational blog. Her blog is full of resources and free templates for business, or more personal matter. If you’re looking for any of those, you can find it at temploola.com

18% of Job Hunters Hunt for Jobs from a Restroom and 29 Other Remarkable Job Hunting Facts

Job Hunting has changed drastically in the last couple of years. Mostly due to accessibility to new jobs and something we call Online Presence. We are able to easily hunt for new opportunities thanks to social networks, freelance platforms and many more. Still, no matter how simplified everything is, when it comes to landing a job, we all have to go through tedious work of writing an application, proper resume and interview.

For a while now, people have brought all of the above to a level of perfection, studying key details and differences between being denied, and actually landing a job. You’d be surprised with the effect your profile picture, and the color of the background actually affects everything. Not to mention something more relevant such as highlighting important skills, trigger words and last but not least, knowledge of the company you’re applying at.

When it comes to writing CV, people often turn to certain templates. Good thing is, you can find bunch of free Word Resume templates that you can edit, which are bound to save your time. Big trend are Infographic Resumes as well. After doing proper research about the job and company you’re applying to, following the CV points from templates, you’re bound to write good CV that’s going to hit the spot highlighting the most relevant stuff and skills.

Here are some of the facts we got from applicants, and interviewers themselves, that are supposed to help you in landing next job you’ve been eyeballing all this time. And if you’re looking for those free templates, simply visit our site.


See Word Resume Templates for more information.


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