12 Pet Business Side Hustles for Pet Lovers

Do you have a strong desire to launch your own side hustle and a passion for all things pets? If this sounds like you, then you should look into starting your very own pet-related freelance business. There are plenty of jobs out there, and the fact that 68% of American households currently own a pet (and that figure will likely increase!), there is no shortage of needs out there for pet services.  

So, what types of jobs are we talking about? Anything from pet sitting to dog training or even blogging. If you have a knack for baking, you could get started on making signature healthy doggy treats and selling them out of your home. If you have a heart for helping pets in need, then you could look into working as an animal rescuer; you could even specialize in dogs or cats and network with other rescuers in your area to broaden your reach. 

However, there are some things you need to consider before diving in. We’ve listed a few of them below: 

  • How much time are you willing to commit? 
  • Do you want to work with cats, dogs, or both? 
  • Do you need a formal education, certification, or relevant experience to start?
  • Is there a lot of competition? 
  • What are the startup costs like? 

You’ll also want to assess yourself to see what types of jobs are a natural fit. To make the process easier, Wikibuy has created an infographic covering 12 pet side businesses and what you need to get started! 

Please include attribution to wikibuy.com with this graphic.

12 Pet Business Side Hustles for Pet Lovers

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