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Starting Off on the Right Foot In Your New Job by SocialCast by vmware

Popular wisdom says that the three most stressful times in your life are getting married, buying a…

Most asked-Job-interview-questions-and how to answer them
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Most Asked Job Interview Questions prepared by

Job interviews are stressful.  However, they can be less stressful if you prepared to answer some of…

the truth about lying on resumes
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The Truth about Lying on Resumes from

Is there much lying on resumes?  Do people tell the truth?  Find out on the following infographic:…

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The Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer

Being a freelancer has both pros and cons. prepared this terrific infographic to show both the…

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8 Things Successful People Do

Jeff Haden wrote a terrific article for called “8 Things Remarkably Successful People Do”.    Fastbusiness Canada…

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Should You Hire a Professional Resume Writer by

Chameleon Resumes developed this infographic to help you decide if you should hire a Professional Resume Writer: Visit…

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How to Dress for a Job Interview from the Art of Manliness

What do you wear to a job interview?  For advice see this infographic on how to dress…

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Concept and Logic Behind Typical Interview Questions by

      And for more information about Nathan S. Gibson, please visit Nathan S. Gibson or visit his blog…

10 commandments of social media marketing
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10 Commandments of Social Media Marketing by Top Dog Social Media

And for more information about Nathan S. Gibson, please visit Nathan S. Gibson or visit his blog at Nathan S. Gibson….

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Social Resume – How Job Seekers and Employers are Connecting Online — by Online Colleges

Is the resume dead? Does anyone  use a resume anymore?  Perhaps the value of a traditional resume…

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Happiness and Career Success by Noomii

Shawn Achor says that people whose brains are positive perform better than people whose brains are negative,…

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Social Media Explained with Coffee

It is hard to keep track of all the social media options and I thought this infographic…