How to Handle Negative Emotions at Work

Emotions are just emotions and labeling them positive or negative does not seem to be helpful, for example, anger is sometimes considered to be negative but in some circumstances, it can be a survival instinct. I prefer to consider positive emotions as emotions that move you towards your goal and negative emotions are emotions that move you away from your goal. Negative emotions can derail your productivity at work and during a job search. The following infographic shared by Amanda Zantal-Wiener on Hubspot offers good advice on how to keep negative emotions from getting in the way of your progress.

Read the full story at How to Handle Negative Emotions at Work [Infographic]

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Nathan S. Gibson is an independent worker compliance business partner who provides expertise and creative solutions to enhance workforce flexibility and maintain compliance with worker classification requirements. He helps mitigate the risks associated with the misclassification of self-employed consultants, freelancers and independent contractors.

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