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how recruiters use linkedin twiter
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How Recruiters Are Using Social Media

Prior to the development of social media, recruiters used the phone to connect with people and their…

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Socially Acceptable: The State of Social Recruiting

Job hunting is hard work.  So to make it easier, it helps to know what those that…

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How to Use 10 Social Networks to Grow Your Personal Online Brand

Some commentators say that a resume is no longer necessary and that your Google results are now…

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19 Rules for Proper Facebook Etiquette by Top Dog Social Media

Top Dog Social Media regularly provides great infographics on subjects related to social media.  I particularly liked the…

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10 Ways to Know if You’re a Social Leader by Vala Afshar and Brad W. Martin

Vala Afshar and Brad W. Martin prepared the following infographic entitled “10 Ways to Know If You’re…

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Job Hunting? Here are 10 Social Media Tips to Help You Stand Out

Job hunting is hard, and job hunting through social media requires a level of expertise that did…

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Social Media for Recruitment by

More and more people are getting involved with social media. Facebook has 750 million active monthly users,…

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The Complete Social Media Dictionary prepared by Top Dog Social Media

Social media has developed its own vocabulary.  When I was growing up, a cloud was in the…

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The Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer

Being a freelancer has both pros and cons. prepared this terrific infographic to show both the…

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Should You Hire a Professional Resume Writer by

Chameleon Resumes developed this infographic to help you decide if you should hire a Professional Resume Writer: Visit…

10 commandments of social media marketing
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10 Commandments of Social Media Marketing by Top Dog Social Media

And for more information about Nathan S. Gibson, please visit Nathan S. Gibson or visit his blog at Nathan S. Gibson….

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Social Resume – How Job Seekers and Employers are Connecting Online — by Online Colleges

Is the resume dead? Does anyone  use a resume anymore?  Perhaps the value of a traditional resume…