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Navigating Your Way to a Pay Raise

Once you’ve landed a job, you may need to negotiate a pay raise. Stephen Pritchard prepared the following…

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The 8 Morning Secrets of Successful People (Infographic)

What should you do in the morning to get your day off right?  Rose Leadem shares the following…

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7 Things to Do During Your Lunch Break

From Entrepreneur, Rose Leadem shares a terrific infographic on what to do during your lunch break.  …

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Parental Leave Policies Around the World

Most people won’t consider leaving a job and moving to another country for better parental leave, but…

Which Countries Have the Most Vacation Days
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Which Countries Have Most Vacation Days

While you are job hunting, be sure to investigate the vacation policy of any company to which…

How to Increase Your Likeability
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How to Increase Your Likeability

One way to not get a job is to be unlikable.  People tend to hire people they…

7 habits of a bad speaker
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7 Habits of a Bad Speaker

From the Job Network, Jessie Liu shares an infographic that shows the habits of a bad speaker.

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It’s Never Too Late To Start, Here’s Why [Infographic]

From LifeHacks, Adam Maidment shares two great infographics prepared by Anna Vidal on how it’s not too late…

productive versus procrastinator
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Productive versus Procrastinator

Sometimes the difference between success and failure is trying just a little bit more.  Being productive can…

How-Much-People-Work in countries around the world
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How Much People Work Around the World

How many hours per week do Americans work compared to other countries? To find out, see the…

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Wasted Time in the Workplace

Wasting time a work is as good a way as any to be forced to start a…

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Six Productivity Hacks Backed By Science

From Lifehack — whether you are working or looking for a job, being productive with your time…