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Your Body on Sleep

You need to be at your best when you are searching for a job or on an…

what business leaders expect vs what recent graduates offer
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The Challenge: What Business Leaders Expect vs What Recent Graduates Offer

In any job search, know what employers want is key.  The following infographic shares what business leaders…

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The Odds of a Machine Doing Your Job

From Career Sherpa, Hannah Morgan discusses the future of automation and how it may affect your job.  She…

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Neuvoo – a new job search engine

I recently learned about, a new job search engine with one of the largest job databases…

10 ways to become a more confident person
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10 Ways to Become a More Confident Person

From LifeHack, Ramon Nuez shares an infographic that offers advice on how to build confidence.  Confidence is…

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Creating your Profile Photo: It’s All About Putting Your Best Face Forward!

Anshuman Kukretim sent me the following great infographic on creating a  profile photo.   Related posts: How…

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Quick Facts on LinkedIn and other resources from Open Colleges

Open Colleges offers a number of job search resources including the following quick facts about LinkedIn. Open Colleges…

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Job Search Tips for New Graduates

If you are a new college graduate and are looking for a new job, you may already…

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33 Networking Tips in 140 Characters or Less

Networking is a critical part of a job search.  “Who do you know who….?” is one of…

7 skills that every employer looks for
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7 Skills that Every Employer Looks For

Offering what an employer is looking for is the fastest way to find a job.  The following…

The 10 Most Important Work Skills
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10 Most Important Work Skills in 2020

When you are looking for a job, it is highly recommended to match your skills with the…

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How to Win Higher Salary negotiation

From the Undercover Recruiter —  this infographic offers tips on how to get better results during a…