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what to wear at work
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What to Wear at Work: Cracking Office Dress Codes

I always appreciate good advice on what to wear at work, especially because it evolves over time….

7 body language interview mistakes
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7 Body Language Interview Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

In her terrific weekly newsletter, Hannah Morgan of Career Sherpa shares valuable information on searching for a new job….

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Phone Interview Questions: What to Ask, What Not to Ask and Some Pro Tips Along the Way

Phone interviews are a popular way for companies to do an initial screening of job applicants to…

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21 Best tips for a Successful Job Interview

A successful job interview is a key factor in landing your next job.  Company Folders prepared the following…

What Anyone Wishes to Learn Before Job Interveiw
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What Anyone Wishes to Learn Before A Job Interview

Hannah Morgan from Career Sherpa provides excellent job search advice and recently shared this infographic on What Anyone…

Modern Interview Fashion Guide for Women
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Modern Interview Fashion Guide for Women

Your personal brand is often represented by your image and expression. Companies are beginning to hire more…

common nonverbal mistakes made during job interviews
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Common Nonverbal Mistakes Made During Job Interviews

We’ve all heard that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.  Nonverbal cues are…

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20 Ways to Impress your Interviewer

From Pinterest, Lucy Hopkins shared an infographic that was posted on with advice on how to impress your…

10 Powerful Body Language tips for your next presentation
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10 Powerful Body Language Tips

Your body language in an interview is an important factor in making positive impression.  SOAP Presentations prepared…

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10 Ways to Become a More Confident Person

From LifeHack, Ramon Nuez shares an infographic that offers advice on how to build confidence.  Confidence is…

15 Tips to Help You Shire at Your Job Interview
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15 Tips to Help You Shine at Your Job Interview

This infographic provides 15 tips to help you be successful in your interview, including researching the company…

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Anatomy of a Job Interview

Another way to think about a job interview is to break it down into manageable pieces.  This…