Author: Nathan S. Gibson

Nathan S. Gibson is an independent worker compliance business partner who provides expertise and creative solutions to enhance workforce flexibility and maintain compliance with worker classification requirements. He helps mitigate the risks associated with the misclassification of self-employed consultants, freelancers and independent contractors.
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7 Tips for Landing Your Dream Internship (that Pays)

Many college students look for internships both during the summer and school year to give the student…

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8 Benefits of Online Learning

While you are looking for your next opportunity, you may have an opportunity to improve or add…

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The Essential Components Every Employment Contract Should Include

A new job offer is an incredibly exciting event. Whether this new opportunity allows you to leave…

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Checklist for An Easy Job Relocation in 30 Days or Less

When a career opportunity knocks, it sometimes asks you to make bold moves and make them quickly….

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Sleep Statistics:  From Risk Factors to Health Outcomes, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sleep

I have previously commented on the importance of sleep and how sleep is more important than food….

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How Do You Measure Company Culture

When you’re job hunting, don’t overlook a company’s culture as you consider opportunities. A great job in…

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Teamwork On The Job: Make It Work!

The ability to work well on a team is a critical part of most jobs. As you…

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How to Talk the Talk: Workplace Communication Problems & Solutions

Communication problems are probably the most common problems in the workplace. This infographic shares common communication problems…

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How to extend your computer’s lifespan

This is a little off topic, but it is a question that has always peaked my curiosity….

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Is “To Whom It May Concern” Acceptable on a Cover Letter?

How to start a cover letter? “Dear Sir/Madam?” “Dear Hiring Manager”? or “To Whom It May Concern”?…

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The Cost of Bad Hires

It can be frustrating how long it takes an employer to make a decision to hire you….

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Strategies to Zen Your Work from Home (WFH) Space

Looking for work from home is a lot like working from home and this infographic has some…