500 Years of Evolution: The Resume’s Story

Resume2017.com has put together a terrific infographic about the evolution of the resume.  In addition, on it’s page, it provides even more fascinating details about the resume’s history.  Here’s the infographic but be sure to checkout their page also:  500 Years of Evolution:  The Resume’s Story

500 years of evoluation - the resume's story

15 of the Most Ridiculous Things People have put on their CV

I read of a study that found that people learned more by watching other people’s mistakes than by watching people be successful.  One possible explanation was that people assumed they would do what the successful person did; and they paid closer attention to the mistakes someone made because they wanted to avoid them.  In the spirit of trying to learn from other people’s mistakes, this infographic shares some resume blunders to avoid.


15 of the Most Ridiculous Things People Have Put on Their CV #infographic


You can also find more infographics at Visualistan

21 Best tips for a Successful Job Interview

A successful job interview is a key factor in landing your next job.  Company Folders prepared the following infographic will some outstanding tips for your next job interview.



Graphic Design Interview Tips


Source:  22+ Graphic Design Interview Tips: Common Questions & Best Answers


12 Revealing Traits of a Successful Resume

From JobInterviewTools.com, the following infographic shows 12 characteristics of a successful resume.  These 12 traits are a good checklist to review before sending your resume.


12 revealing traits ofa  successful resume

The ultimate Linkedin cheat sheet

It is vital in a job search to have an up-to-date,complete LinkedIin profile.  For what that means, please see the following infographic from LeisureJobs:

linkedin ultimate cheat sheet

Source: The ultimate Linkedin cheat sheet