Employee Insights: The Best Perks of the Job

Job perks are important but different perks are important to different people.   shares the following infographic on LifeHack with some of the best job perks according to employees.


Employee Insights The Best Perks of the Job


Source Employee Insights: The Best Perks of the Job [Infographic]

9 Employee Engagement Ideas You Should Know

As you consider your next opportunity, you should think about the culture of a company.  Companies with higher employee engagement are more successful and employees enjoy working there more.  If you work for a company that needs to improve its employee engagement, Casemore & Co. has developed the following infographic with terrific ideas for employee engagement.  




Thank you to Chris Labbate of Casemore & Co for sharing this with me.  



14 Scientific Reasons to Disconnect at the Weekend

Looking for a job is hard work. But it’s important to disconnect on the weekends to refresh and recharge.  And there are scientific reasons for disconnecting as shown in infographic shared by Amanda Zantal-Wiener on the Hubspot blog:

14-Scientific-Reasons-to-Disconnect this weekend


Source:  14 Scientific Reasons to Disconnect This Weekend [Infographic]

Phone Interview Questions: What to Ask, What Not to Ask and Some Pro Tips Along the Way

Phone interviews are a popular way for companies to do an initial screening of job applicants to determine if they are qualified.  Creating a positive impression on a phone interview is a critical skill to have for job applicants.  Sophia Bernazzani shared the following infographic from Hireology on the Hubspot blog with advice and tips for your next phone interview.


Read the full story at The Top Questions to Ask & Avoid During a Phone Interview [Infographic]