2016 Social Media Recruitment Survey

More and more, employers are using social media to research job candidates.  To find out just how much employers are using social media, CareerBuilder polled more than 2,000 hiring and human resource manager and over 3,000 employees.  CareerSherpa pulled the data together and developed the following terrific infographic.  If you are engaged in a job search, I highly recommend signing up for CareerSherpa’s newletter — sign up here.  Hannah Morgan‘s weekly newsletter has a ton of valuable information and resources. This infographic appeared in her Employers Are Checking You Out Online newsletter/blog post.



31 Techniques for Creative 2-Letter Logos

Sometimes it helps to have a personal logo that distinguishes you from other applicants.  Fortunately, Company Folders has developed an infographic that shares various techniques for developing a creative 2 letter logo:


Techniques for Designing Letter Logos


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What Top Talent Really Wants

Part of a job search involves evaluating potential employers.  Employers who are looking for the best talent recognize that many factors influence a potential employee’s decisions where to work.  The most attractive employers have the best workplace incentives.  Company Folders has developed the following infographic with the top workplace incentives.

10 Employee Perks To Attract Top Talent
Source:  11 Employee Perks To Attract Top Creative Talent



Shocking Social Media Job Search Facts

Today’s job search requires a social media presence as most employers will google a job applicant.  The extent of the influence of social is shown in the following infographic developed by Resume Writing Lab:



Source:  8 Social Media Job Search Facts and Tips

Which Countries Have Most Vacation Days

While you are job hunting, be sure to investigate the vacation policy of any company to which you are applying.  Vacation and other benefits can be important differentiators for companies.  But how does the US compare with other countries in terms of vacation policy? GetVoIP has produced a great infographic that shows the number of vacation days by  country:

Which Countries Have the Most Vacation Days

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